Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Skirt lifters and goggels in wonderland.

When I saw the call for entries in the steamy wonderland contest it took me some time to figure out what I wanted to do. I think in the end it turned out amazing.

Now for your enjoyment the Skirt lifters in wonderland collection. All toppers were painted or sculpted by me.

Painting the roses red.

The queen's poker face.

Demanding snacks.

Eternally Late.

Who are you?

If you are wondering what skirt lifters do here is an example picture.

And the exclusive R.O.S.E steamposum wonderland goggels. Feauring Bali silver cones, holographic lenses and double jewelers lopes with and handmade recycled leather straps.
Tweedledum and his twin Tweedledee


Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Perils of Justine Part 2
The only way to get at the central tooth depository is by air. The dust on my wings gives a small amount of lift. This will take a lot.

The captain knows of a market where it is for sale but they need magic to enter, this is where I come in. Better a key than chew toy I say.

The pirates are teaching me about how a ship works, Before this I was a city girl. The closest I got to the water was the fish market.

The crew have language of their own. I am learning it as we sail. They seem surprised I am calm. Why not I get free food, no brats and rum.

The port of DeCro must be approached at dusk. It looks like a pile of jagged rocks from here. I will lead the ship in and then we will see.

The young man in charge of the port cannon gave me a coat he altered with wing slits in the back and blushed. I smiled and he blushed harder.

The coast looks solid I don't know how I am going to lead the ship through them. Wait that section is wavering oddly, just a bit further.

The wall just evaporated like ice in the sun now the way is open for the ship. i am very glad I made it to the deck flying is very tiring.

I am glad they told me of the rule of silence when entering the port. I would have cried out otherwise. DeCro is beautiful beyond words.

Everything sparkles and the architecture looks more like spun sugar than a place to live. The people on the shore are watching us enter.

The people are almost like those fancy glass windows churches have. They seem to radiate with bright colors, there is not a plain one around.

Suddenly the golden light fades. The colors change like they are being pulled back in people's bodies and the world comes back to life.

I had not realised how quiet it had been until the sound came rushing back. We float along to the harbor, a slip is waiting for us with crew.

The dock crew seems happy to see us. Their voices ring like bells and I cannot understand the words. Both crews speaks ship jargon tho.

Being on land again feels odd. The dock workers are looking at me with amusement I guess they don't get too many girls with wings.

Apparently they do have girls with wings but they work the red light district and nunnery. They were trying to figure out which I was.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Results from experimenting with words.

I started a story on twitter and sporadically up dated it and I like the way it has been going so I decided to gather the first part of it and post it here in an easy to read format.

The Perils of Justine.

So apparently daring the bucket-head to a drinking contest is a bad idea. I am used to waking up in gutters but the sparkly wings are new.

The wings are real, painfully so. I best figure out what I did last night. For now it is off to the pub for clues and and to dull this pain.

The bartender remembers me and that is good but the fact he remembers me braking one of his chairs is not so good. Getting drunk is expensive.

I have no money but now I know I left with a lady in a silly blue gown. Apparently she comes her often and has wings too. The chase is on

It wasn't much of a chase The lady is actually the regional director of the youth tooth redemption associates aka The tooth fairy, Damn.

She saved me from some of bucket-head's friends in exchange for five years service. PRO I am not dead CON I am waring a pink ballgown.

Arrg this job is horrible. I tried to give little Billy money for his tooth and he bit me. He refused to let go until I gave him double.

I am sure Eleanore didn't mean for my wand of office to be used has a truncheon but blast it all those teeth hurt and he was a right bully.

Flying is getting easier but I sound like a music box. I don't need to vomit any more. If it is the alcohol wearing off, that must be fixed.

Eleanore's girls cannot drink, ever. Every bar in the city kicked me out. I am going to the docks she can't of gotten to all those dives.

So going to the docks was a bad idea Apparently this uniform is well known for carrying a large bag of silver coins The wand is not helping.

Who would of thunk my life is more valuable than my coins. I have been taken aboard The Marry Anton, a privateer vessel so I am told.

They are shocking nice for pirates and they keep calling me mam. The captain is blathering on about magical treasure, now I have a headache.

I slept and sobered some. Now I understand what the captain was talking about. No wonder they took me alive they are going after the vault.

They fed me and gave me a coat to go over the pink monstrosity. They are laying out grand plan. He wants me to make the ship fly, imposable!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Squeee! I am so happy right now. I have been reading Gothic charm school for quite a while and always loved The lady of Manners advice so with a neat pair of buttons my friend found for me I made some cute goth cupcake lifters and she likes them! It is so very nice to know that others like my work and I must admit I screamed and jumped up and down in glee when she told me that. It is the little things that make me happy. Here are pics of the lifters I made. (the pink is not so neon in real life I promise.)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Geting ready for my first show.

I am a very lucky girl after a rather successful season working the Grater St Louis Renfair I found out about a steampunk convention in the planning stages. http://rose-society.org/index.html I am makeing several one of a kind pieces using altered found clothing and trims. So far this is the true masterpiece of what I have completed but there will be much more to come. The bolero is still very much a work in process as I am sure you can tell from the pins in it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Playing with words.

So reading Othar's twitter made me think of the potential of it for telling bite sized stories that build over time. I decided to try it myself. I must say it is really more of a challenge than I would of thought and has me looking at word usage in a different light. Here is what I have so far.

So far it has drunkenness, The tooth fairy and pirates.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Experiments in form and function..

One thing I have always loved about costuming and cosplay is trying to make the drawing or idea in to a real item. This involves a lot of work and using items for things you wouldn't normally try.

Some things I have learned.
White glue makes a very good tie dye (or cold process spray on dye) resist. It is cheep easy to use and washes right out.

Model magic makes wonderful facial appliances like stick on ears and the like but it crumbles easily if not reinforced.

Clear nail polish dose not get along with model paints.

You can sew through fun foam for things that need to be riged and flexable at the same time.(Like big fluffy bows.)

Metallic acrylics especially the gold do not play well with heat. I think it is the copper they contain.

Dry cleaning kills heat and bond and can make the adhesive seep through and leave nasty black marks.

Plastic netting makes for excellent under structures for armor but if you use it with thin fabric be prepared for the whffle like pattern to show through.

Sharpey dye works for ribbons as well as it does for synthetic hair.

Hook and eye loops make for very good laceing loops.

Wiggele eyes make for exelent rivits once they are painted.