Friday, January 29, 2010

Results from experimenting with words.

I started a story on twitter and sporadically up dated it and I like the way it has been going so I decided to gather the first part of it and post it here in an easy to read format.

The Perils of Justine.

So apparently daring the bucket-head to a drinking contest is a bad idea. I am used to waking up in gutters but the sparkly wings are new.

The wings are real, painfully so. I best figure out what I did last night. For now it is off to the pub for clues and and to dull this pain.

The bartender remembers me and that is good but the fact he remembers me braking one of his chairs is not so good. Getting drunk is expensive.

I have no money but now I know I left with a lady in a silly blue gown. Apparently she comes her often and has wings too. The chase is on

It wasn't much of a chase The lady is actually the regional director of the youth tooth redemption associates aka The tooth fairy, Damn.

She saved me from some of bucket-head's friends in exchange for five years service. PRO I am not dead CON I am waring a pink ballgown.

Arrg this job is horrible. I tried to give little Billy money for his tooth and he bit me. He refused to let go until I gave him double.

I am sure Eleanore didn't mean for my wand of office to be used has a truncheon but blast it all those teeth hurt and he was a right bully.

Flying is getting easier but I sound like a music box. I don't need to vomit any more. If it is the alcohol wearing off, that must be fixed.

Eleanore's girls cannot drink, ever. Every bar in the city kicked me out. I am going to the docks she can't of gotten to all those dives.

So going to the docks was a bad idea Apparently this uniform is well known for carrying a large bag of silver coins The wand is not helping.

Who would of thunk my life is more valuable than my coins. I have been taken aboard The Marry Anton, a privateer vessel so I am told.

They are shocking nice for pirates and they keep calling me mam. The captain is blathering on about magical treasure, now I have a headache.

I slept and sobered some. Now I understand what the captain was talking about. No wonder they took me alive they are going after the vault.

They fed me and gave me a coat to go over the pink monstrosity. They are laying out grand plan. He wants me to make the ship fly, imposable!

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