Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Perils of Justine Part 2
The only way to get at the central tooth depository is by air. The dust on my wings gives a small amount of lift. This will take a lot.

The captain knows of a market where it is for sale but they need magic to enter, this is where I come in. Better a key than chew toy I say.

The pirates are teaching me about how a ship works, Before this I was a city girl. The closest I got to the water was the fish market.

The crew have language of their own. I am learning it as we sail. They seem surprised I am calm. Why not I get free food, no brats and rum.

The port of DeCro must be approached at dusk. It looks like a pile of jagged rocks from here. I will lead the ship in and then we will see.

The young man in charge of the port cannon gave me a coat he altered with wing slits in the back and blushed. I smiled and he blushed harder.

The coast looks solid I don't know how I am going to lead the ship through them. Wait that section is wavering oddly, just a bit further.

The wall just evaporated like ice in the sun now the way is open for the ship. i am very glad I made it to the deck flying is very tiring.

I am glad they told me of the rule of silence when entering the port. I would have cried out otherwise. DeCro is beautiful beyond words.

Everything sparkles and the architecture looks more like spun sugar than a place to live. The people on the shore are watching us enter.

The people are almost like those fancy glass windows churches have. They seem to radiate with bright colors, there is not a plain one around.

Suddenly the golden light fades. The colors change like they are being pulled back in people's bodies and the world comes back to life.

I had not realised how quiet it had been until the sound came rushing back. We float along to the harbor, a slip is waiting for us with crew.

The dock crew seems happy to see us. Their voices ring like bells and I cannot understand the words. Both crews speaks ship jargon tho.

Being on land again feels odd. The dock workers are looking at me with amusement I guess they don't get too many girls with wings.

Apparently they do have girls with wings but they work the red light district and nunnery. They were trying to figure out which I was.

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