Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tales from work

Short shorts and stake knives
It was just before new years and there were a lot of costume parties going on so when we had guy come in and ask about short german costumes for guys I didn't think anything of it.

The guy comes back up in just the short shorts with suspenders I am helping another person so the other girl helps him figure out the straps. She seams kind of creeped out but I don't know why because my back was turned. I asked her after he took another costume back. She told me his wedding tackle was hanging out of the shorts. I wanted to kick him out but she said she didn't think it was on purpose.

He took forever in the dressing room and when I ask him if everything was ok he come out in a black trench coat and flashed both of us. I proceed to throw his nasty behind out of the store, call the cops and then get to check to make sure whatever was left in the dressing room wasn't covered in crazy man baby batter.(luckily it wasn't)

When I used the claw to pick up what was left behind a long black stake knife fell out of the pile. I have no idea what he was planning but I hid behind the counter until the cops came.

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  1. Holy Toledo! Sounded like just another creep until the steak knife made its appearance! I guess you just can't be too careful, esp. if you work with Joe Public.